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Flexo Plate Processor 1320 x 2032 mm (52 x 80")

EXCELSOLV 5280 is designed as inline high productivity photopolymer plate washing, rinsing and pre-drying equipment, suitable for processing high-quality plates
•    User-friendly 7" touch screen
•    20 channels program memory for different plates process conditions
•    Capable of processing both analogue and digital plates
•    Pre-wash for LAMS-layer, washing, rinsing and pre-drying
•    Plate transport by pin bar, drive by chain 
•    Reliable washing, high quality and high productivity
•    Back-side plate cleaning
•    Automatic thickness control between 0,6 mm to 7 mm
•    Automatic solvent replenishment
•    Continuous solvent fume exhaust system
•    Stainless steel washout body and external tank facility, robust, easy to support and maintain
•    Integrated heater-chiller for solvent temperature control between 20°C to 40°C
•    Automatic solvent viscosity measurement and fresh solvent replenishment
•    CE certificate

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