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Flexo Plate Dryer 1320 x 2032 mm


The device is designed for drying photopolymer plates up to a format size of 1320x2032 mm.
•    7” touch panel
•    Easy designed operation panel displays all necessary times and settings
•    20 programmable channels for different plates process conditions
•    End of job alert.
•    Easy accessible wide opening drawers for easy operating and high productivity
•    Uniform temperature distribution for excellent drying and plate dimensional stability
•    High heat output for quick optimal temperature
•    Digital timer and countdown facility for each drawer
•    Maximum isolation for heat loss
•    Magnetic sealed drawers
•    Automatic switch off after the last plate
•    Programmable drying temperature up to 60˚ C with thermostat control
•    CE certificate

*Light Finisher is an option

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