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All-in-One Flexo Plate making equipment 3ES-PROI-WF & EDLFb

3ES-PROI-WF is designed as inline photopolymer plate  pre-washing for digital plates, washing, rinsing and drying equipment and suitable for processing high quality plates up to a maximum size of 635 x 762 mm (25" x 30 “).

The machine is equipped with state-of-art filter which offers ecologically friendly and cost effective working.
State-of-art filter removes polymer residue in washing solution and the clean washing solution is recirculated to washout tank for reuse.

- User-friendly 7" Graphic Touch Screen
- 20 channels program memory for different  plates process conditions
- Easy to operate and maintain
- Capable of processing both analogue and digital plates
- Triple tank system for LAMS-layer cleaning main washing and rinsing
- Pre-wash for digital plates
- Stabile plate transport by pin bar
- Perfect washing result thanks to round and flat brushes combination
- Automatic water and detergent replenishment
- Stainless washout body and strong mechanical  construction
- Suitable for any thickness of plates 0,60 mm to 7,00 mm
- Back-side plate cleaning*
- Integrated heater and temperature control according to plate type
- External puncher


3ES-PROI-EDLFb is designed for flexo plate making equipment up to a maximum size of  635 x 762mm (25" x 30 “).
- Capable of exposing, drying and finishing & post-exposing plate with high quality
- Easy to operate, install and maintain
- 7” Touch screen with 20 channels program memory for different  plates process conditions
- End of job alert

- Powerful and fast vacuum system and vacuum indicator on control panel*
- Lamp life calculator
- Defective lamp indicator
- Lamp temperature control and regulation

- Programmable drying temperature accordign to plate type
- 2 drawer
- Timer for each drawer
- Uniform temperature distribution for excellent drying and plate dimensional  stability

Light Finishing
- UV-C lamps
- Defective lamp indicator
- Fume extraction system

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