Products » Exposure, dryer and Post exposure&Finish 635 x 762 mm (25 x 30") Back

Exposure, dryer and Post exposure&Finish 635 x 762 mm (25 x 30")


Capable of exposing, drying and finishing & post-exposing all high-quality photopolymer plates at high dot resolution, excellent line definition, deep reverses repeatable results for both back and main exposures to meet the highest HD Flexo standard

•    High power UV-A lamps for high quality at high speed
•    New design for  lamp temperature control and regulation
•    Easy to operate, install and maintain
•    7” Touch screen easily customize and setup for 20 different programs


•    Cool bed with accurate temperature cooling unit
•    Suitable for all digital and analog plates
•    Lamp working hour calculator
•    Defective lamp indicator
•    Clamshell design lid with automatic opening-closing
•    Yellow inspection tube 


•    Programmable drying temperature up to 60°C
•    3 drawer
•    Timer for each drawer
•    Easy accessible wide opening drawers for easy operating and high productivity
•    Uniform temperature distribution for excellent drying and plate dimensional stability
•    Automatic switch off after the last plate

Light Finishing & Post Expose

  • UV-A and UV-C lamps
  • Defective lamp indicator
  • Fume extraction system
  • Lamp working hour calculator
  • New design for lamp temperature control and regulation
  • Sequential/simultaneously/separately operating option for Light Finisher and Post Exposure

•    CE certificate

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